Understanding the Soul’s Journey through the Labours of Hercules

Soul Experiences Based on the Twelve Zodiac Signs

Understanding the Soul’s Journey through the Labours of Hercules, book by Astra FerroNew book published September 2022

Inspirational Spiritual Writings from Astra Ferro

Throughout my Soul journey I have drawn deeply from the spiritual teachings and philosophies that have enriched my life and given me a deeper understanding of the spiritual path. Over the last 40 years I have attended and participated in many talks and workshops on the Ageless Wisdom and, over 35 years, have facilitated many of these myself. All of these have contributed to my own sense of appreciation and understanding that there is so much more to life than the outer form.

My hope is that reading this book will give the reader a taste for the world beyond the visible and inspire his or her own journey. Against the backdrop of the Labours of Hercules, it is my hope that we can see our own story and soul lessons writ large. As we begin to search, we soon come to realise that we are more than just a physical body with a mind and heart.

There is so much knowledge of the deeper wisdom out there waiting for us to explore and discover. Be not afraid to allow your mind and heart to be open to newer ways of thinking.

What is this book about?

This book is about the astrological journey of the Soul symbolised by the story of Hercules. It is both mythological and symbolical. Mythology was a method by which the ancients taught the old truths in symbolical ways so that the students could understand. The symbolism of this story is the journey we all take as a Soul from the moment of creation through many lifetimes until we have reached that level of consciousness that will eventually take us out of the earthly rounds of experiences.

This book is written from my own inner guidance, insights and studies of esotericism over many years and my motive is to help my fellow travellers on the path of the Soul to see beyond the written words and discover how each experience through the signs of the Zodiac can bring more understanding about themselves and about their Soul’s purpose.

I wish you many blessings, strength, courage and deep understanding on your journey and above all may your Light continue to guide you.

Astra Ferro 2022


Who was Hercules?

The story of Hercules is both mythological and symbolical. It is the story of the Path of the Soul. It is the story of humanity. This is our story. This is our path, our experiences, our lessons, our challenges and trials and our victories. For we will be victorious, no matter how long or how many lifetimes we need to garner experience. This story represents the experiences of the Path of the Soul as it travels through the signs of the Zodiac.

In esoteric Teachings, Hercules was known as a son of God and also a son of Man. Hercules symbolises both the human and the Divine in humanity. He stands for those of us who are aspirants on the Path of Discipleship. He knows he is both human and Divine but as yet he does not truly understand the Divine within. In the esoteric Teachings, it is said that he had a Divine father and an earthly mother. This symbolises the essential duality of God in manifestation, of Spirit (life) in form (material); of the Soul and body, and of Spirit and matter. Of course, this duality is both the challenge and opportunity that every human being faces and has to go through. It is the spirit of Father and the matter of Mother meeting together in a human form and from the bonding of these two come the toughest experiences which we all have to face.

Hercules’ path and Labours challenged and expanded his knowledge of himself and unfolded his innate spiritual qualities. Often, he failed, as we all do, but he kept going until he had attained that necessary wisdom, courage and perseverance to walk the Path and recognise his spiritual heritage.

What are the Labours of Hercules?

His Labours are the challenges (tests or lessons) that all Souls on the Path need to face and experience to unfold the Divine within themselves. The Path is represented by the journey through the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Each sign embodies gifts that we can unfold and experiences from which lessons can be learned. Through each Labour Hercules experienced the qualities and influences of the particular sign he was going through and at the same time, he was mounting the Cross (the Path of Initiation) little by little, to the final goal.

Every Soul will journey along this Path through the Zodiac, lifetime after lifetime, until it has conquered the challenges and trials of earthly experiences and then move onto to other spheres.


What do these Soul Experiences mean?

During the course of our journey through these signs, we see a pattern of unfoldment, development and testing. We are unfolding innate spiritual qualities by the many challenges and testing that we have experienced. It has been a journey of struggles, conflict, trials and many tribulations. At times we have failed and had to go back to relearn that lesson. However, as we have proceeded along the Path, we have gained so much in understanding, in wisdom, in tolerance and compassion. We can also see how we have developed and expanded our knowledge. We have endured much but there have been moments of joy and exhilaration at what we have achieved.

Every zodiacal sign has so much to teach us. During the journey we benefit greatly by experiencing the influences and qualities of each sign. So let look at each one individually and see a synopsis of what we have learned, or rather see the opportunities that were given to us to learn.

Aries: This is the sign of new beginnings

A sign of new ways of thinking – innovative, creative and inventive. In this experience Hercules began his journey rushing forward impulsively and we learn how unruly, unchecked thoughts can influence our speech and actions, leading to misunderstandings which can have a lasting effect both on ourselves and on others.

The Soul keyword for Aries is: ‘I come forth and from the plane of mind I rule’. We have our first opportunity in Aries to develop the mind and to check our thoughts. The lesson here is: Shall we use our thinking in a creative, resourceful manner or are we going to allow our lower mind to impulsively follow a more detrimental path?

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Understanding the Soul’s Journey through the Labours of Hercules, book by Astra Ferro
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