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Stepping Stones Across The Rainbow

Taking control of our spiritual journey as we travel along the path of the soul

Tailor-made sessions and courses with Astra Ferro

As individual souls we are all at different stages of understanding our spiritual journey. Therefore, it seems logical that perhaps we might benefit from receiving guidance and tuition from a spiritual counsellor and teacher who can tailor-make a course of sessions that would be created just for you.

Through my many years’ experience in spiritual counselling working with an Ancestral Group Soul and through studying esoteric teachings, I am creating a new venture to help individuals identify and understand their own needs in spiritual unfoldment and development along the path of the soul.

I am offering this unique one-to-one counselling and teaching on the following basis:

    • This can be in person at my home, or by phone or by zoom.
    • It can take place monthly or longer to suit individual lifestyles.
    • I can offer inspirational guidance from the ancestral group soul on many aspects of your own individual path.
    • The ancestral group soul may also give you an understanding on the rays or chakras you are working through or indeed being influenced by.
    • The timing of these sessions may differ depending on how much can be absorbed at any one time.
    • There is no time limit on how many sessions anyone can do as this would be tailor made for the individual. This would include working on oneself in between sessions

I am basing these sessions on stepping-stones along the path. Through each stepping-stone we get a deeper understanding of our journey and where we are at. Every journey has a purpose, but it begins with the basics. On the spiritual journey the question could be ‘What is it about? ‘What is my purpose?’

So, as I said above, I am constructing this course based on seven stepping-stones, seven levels of understanding and unfoldment. This is after all a septenary universe.

My intention in doing this course is to help people understand firstly what spirituality is about and secondly to identify how they can help themselves to unfold and develop along the spiritual path and attain their purpose. The attached leaflet will give you a synopsis of the topics, subjects, I intend to follow during the sessions. How slowly or quickly we go through them is up to each individual.

Whilst I love my work, I do need to receive a remuneration so therefore the charge for each session would be £30.

If you are interested in joining this course, please get in touch either by email at:, Tel: 01730 893975 or 07801 641695.

It needs to be understood that I can only offer the concept of understanding the spiritual journey. How each individual unfolds and develops along the journey is their own choice.


“Astra’s insight into previous lives helped me understand the background of the anxiety I had experienced for many years…”

“…I found your words very re-assuring and helpful…”

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