Dear Friends,  Due to the unprecedented crisis that enfolds us all, I have obviously suspended my Workshops for the time being.    Please watch this space for further updates.   Thank you.  At the same time, I wanted to give a message of hope during these amazing times we live in.   Read on…

Talks and Workshops by Astra Ferro

Understanding the Soul Lessons as demonstrated by the labours of Hercules as he journeys through the signs of the Zodiac

A series of Workshops with Astra Ferro

These series of Workshops are designed to give deeper understanding about the soul lessons that we encounter on the spiritual path and was exemplified by the Labours of Hercules.  The story of Hercules shows how, in his twelve labours, played the part of the aspirant on the Path of Discipleship.   The tasks, although symbolic in nature, stands for each soul as we traverse the spiritual journey.  Hercules stands for the incarnated, but not yet perfected Soul, who needed to understand his lower nature and subject it to the challenges and experiences that each soul finds along the stepping stones of many lifetimes.

We will go through the story of Hercules as he passed through the twelve signs of the zodiac.  In each sign he expressed its characteristics, and, in each sign, he gained more profound knowledge of himself and through that knowledge demonstrated the power of the sign and acquired the gifts which the sign conferred.

In each of the sign he surmounts his natural tendencies, controlling and governing his destiny and demonstrating the fact that the stars incline but to not control.  Each sign has its own energy.  Hercules did not arrive at this knowledge by heavenly intervention.   He arrived at this knowledge in the physical body, i.e. through the experiences of his human self, handicapped and limited by the tendencies conferred on him by each sign, by his labours, and by understanding and controlling his emotions and thoughts, he attained understanding of his own essential divinity.

The story of Hercules can be looked at from two angles, that of the individual aspirant on the path and that of humanity as a whole.

In these Workshops we shall follow the progress of Hercules as he traverses through the twelve signs of the Zodiac, meeting and overcoming the human challenges, falling and failing but ultimately rising and conquering his lower nature to rise and acknowledge his innate Divinity and take his place as a World Disciple.

These Workshops will start in 2020 and, so that we can embrace the energies of the Signs we shall be discussing, the dates are scheduled on the dates as close as possible to the Astrological signs.  The Workshops take place on a Saturday between 2 – 5 pm, in Liss, Hampshire.   The dates are:

21 March – Aries and Taurus

30 May –  Gemini and Cancer

18 July – Leo and Virgo

12 September – Libra and Scorpio

21 November – Sagittarius and Capricorn

16 January – Aquarius and Pisces

The charge for each Workshop is £30 (includes light refreshments)

Numbers are limited so booking is essential.

If you are interested in being part of these Workshops:

Please call Astra Ferro on 01730 893975 or email Astra on

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