Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Counselling on Past Lives and Healing with the Ancestors

Throughout history we have been told by many spiritual teachers and prophets that life is Eternal, so therefore one is led to assume that there must be something more than the physical body which continues after our experiences on earth.  It also seems to suggest that whilst we may discard the personality/material form, something else continues.   This something may be called many things by different teachers, philosophers and prophets.  I am comfortable in calling this the spirit, the soul consciousness.  

It also seems to suggest that whilst we go forward, we have also had a past.   As a spiritual counsellor, I work with clients who have conditions, problems, issues that is often related to past lives.    In this work I am helped by the Ancestors, with whom I have had contact for many years. When I speak of the Ancestors, I am not merely speaking of our earthly Ancestors but of an Ancestral Group Soul.   This is about the history of our Soul.   We are all aspects of a group soul and as we learn, they learn, as they learn, we learn.

The memory of every experience, every circumstance that we go through is retained in our soul memory.   Be that negative or positive.   It therefore means that if we have experienced something in our past lives that has had a huge impact on our soul, then that memory will stay within us, sometimes for a number of lifetimes, until the soul feels strong enough to face it and clear it.

In this respect, we are helped by our Ancestral Group Soul.   Through my counselling, I am given the past life or lives, that the soul needs to help it understand why it may be going through whatever experience they are.    This is about understanding ourselves at a deeper level and when we do this, we can truly cleanse and clear past karma and heal ourselves.

Astra is a spiritual counsellor and teacher who offers spiritual counselling to souls who have a need to understand their problems, illness or circumstances. She works with the individuals’ ancestors to bring insight, clarity and information from past lives to help heal a current condition or situation.

Astra has been facilitating talks and workshops based on spiritual unfoldment, soul healing and soul understanding for over thirty-five years in spiritual centres worldwide and also writes articles for spiritual magazines.

If you would like a private session with Astra, to explore soul understanding and how this impacts on current life issues, please contact her on:

Tel:                                      01730 893975

Email:                                  astra.spiritualcounsellor@gmail.com

Skype name:                        astraferro1

Cost:                                   £60 per session

Appointments are available in person or via Skype.


Astra is now offering Counselling on the Soul’s Journey through The Seven Major Chakras, those who are ready to understand and experience the Seven Major Chakras at a more profound level.


Astra’s insight into previous lives helped me understand the background of the anxiety I had experienced for many years. I cannot judge actions taken hundreds of years ago by standards that are acceptable today. With these insights, I am more accepting of myself and find a more balanced perspective in this life.

Pat from Hampshire

“I started attending spiritual workshops that Astra facilitated something like 15 years ago.  Right from the start I recognised this lady had something very special to offer and I was rather like a moth to a flame.  Even though my personal spiritual journey was in its early days I had found someone who enthralled me and helped me make sense of a number of unspoken thoughts that had been going through my head.  Astra has a special gift of being able to explain the Esoterical in language that I can understand and absorb.

Later I had the privilege of being a founder member of a spiritual discussion group that Astra pioneered giving me the opportunity to explore so many issues and the impact outside influences can have on our life and our health.  Astra is very good at making me think ‘outside the box’.

It is only recently that I discovered yet another gift Astra has.  I was discussing with her the lack of talking therapy available to those with Bipolar when she told me that her particular brand of past-life therapy had been very helpful to those who had sought her out and were suffering with this condition.  I couldn’t wait to tell a close family member that I had found someone that might give them what they needed and they very soon made contact with her.  Their subsequent therapy was so powerful and good for them that, for once in their life, they were speechless.

It was only then that it occurred to me that Astra’s counsel was just what I needed for myself.  By this time Astra and I had got to know each other fairly well but nothing had prepared me for the profound information Astra channelled to me from my ancestors and the joy I felt at receiving it.  In her usual inimitable style Astra supported me to receive this information in a clear and constructive way.  It felt as if not just one lightbulb had been switched on in my head but dozens!


MAZ - West Sussex

“Astra was recommended to me by a friend.  It was a big step for me to start spiritual counselling but Astra, with her deep knowledge, gentle approach and patient encouragement has helped me regain the confidence I had lost and to believe in myself.”  

Sally from Surrey

“Thank you so much for a really illuminating and uplifting session on Friday.  I found your words very re-assuring and helpful.  And always what you say is delivered with compassion and love.  It has certainly helped to give me a context for the matter I raised and a wonderful sense of continuity ~ that our loves can stretch through sometimes many lives.  And our links to people are not broken by the passing away of the physical body.” 

Elizabeth from Sussex

“Astra is a very good listener. Through her sensitivity and skill she brought me clarity and understanding which enabled me to heal issues that had been problematic for a long time. I found working with her helped me to move on and our work made a significant difference in my life.”

Mary from Hampshire