Magical Journey to PeruMagical Journey to Peru

With Astra Ferro & Carol Cumes

Dates tbc

A Spiritual Adventure & Wellness experience at Willka Tika, a premier luxury retreat centre situated in the heart of the Sacred Valley.

Join Carol Cumes, the creator and founder of Willka Tika, and discover the magic of the Andes.  Carol has been planning body and mind programs for over 30 years.  During that time. Carol has remained deeply connected to the authentic, practicing, Quechua-speak Qero healers. Carol is joined by Astra Ferro, Spiritual Counsellor and Author of ‘Stepping Stones on the Spiritual Path’.  Astra works with the Ancestral Group Soul and has been facilitating Workshops and Talks for over 35 years.  Astra is currently working on her second book ‘The Journey of the Soul through the Seven Major Chakras’, which should be published in time for this Retreat.

This special time will be about cultivating conscious connections in life, and after life-connections to our own chakras and with our Ancestors, or Soul-Spirit Consciousness.   In these workshops, guests will have the opportunity to meaningful connect with past lives working with ‘the Ancestral Group Soul’ to better understand and heal past karma, with guidance through Astra Ferro.

Enjoy the experience of walking through and meditating amidst dazzling arrays of flowers and exotic medicinal plants abound in the renowned seven Sacred Chakra Gardens built for wellbeing, healing and meditation.  Infuse in the healing power of Nature known to restore and revitalise the physical body.

This diverse spiritual adventure is perfect for individual travellers, couples and sojourners with an interest in meditation, holistic health and healing, yoga, Andean mysticism, photography, hiking and the creative arts.   Additional healing treatments at Willka Tika include solar-heated floral medicinal baths under the stars, Andean SPA and massage, and Crystal Light therapy.

Three group workshops will be optionally offered throughout the retreat journey, and there will also be the opportunity for private sessions with Astra to understand and heal issues from the past, working personally with the Ancestral Group Soul.

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