LIGHT – Manifestation of the ONE essence

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So much is spoken of the word Light, especially at this time of year when half the world is in the grip of winter and the darkness that comes earlier each day. We associate light with bringing clarity and illumination and it is a truth that we all feel better when the Light is shining around us. When the dawn breaks each day and the Light appears over the horizon in the shape and glory of the Sun, we can immediately feel a sense of upliftment and a feeling that all is better now, that the Sun or Light is shining on our day. With this feeling, we know that we can get on with whatever the day brings and there is a sense of comfort when we go about our day in the Light.

But the Light is much more than this. The Light is the manifestation of the One essence, which some call spirit, the Oneness. At this time of year, we can associate this with the spirit of goodwill which is in reality love in action. In the Christian tradition, we associate Light with the birth of the Christ, the Lord Maitreya. It can also relate to the birth of the Light within ourselves. At this Christmas time, it is a wonderful event for us all to re-connect with the Light within and to radiate our Light to others.

In Western traditions, it is the spirit of Christmas, goodwill to all men, that provides us with the opportunity of sharing our Light with others in the form of sending Christmas Cards, giving presents, cooking special meals. It really is special that when we are doing all this we remember that a card, a gift, a phone call is our opportunity to truly give of our Light to others. Let us use this occasion with real meaning and heartfelt wishes.

But let us go even further – the Light is also about enlightenment and it is also Love. On earth we were blessed to have two manifestations of the sons of God in the form of the Lord Buddha bringing us enlightenment, love and compassion, and the Christ, the Lord Maitreya, bringing us the love, light and forgiveness. With their lives, they demonstrated how to manifest the love, light, compassion and forgiveness of the One Absolute Being.

It is so easy to forget in the hurly burly world we live in that the real essence of Life, is about simplicity, it is about giving and sharing our Light and Love. Within these are other beautiful spiritual qualities like consideration, patience, tolerance, understanding, trust, hope, and so many more. What could be simpler than to radiate our Light? What does that cost us? Actually, nothing!! Our Light manifests from our own hard-earned spiritual qualities that we have unfolded and developed over many lifetimes. Our Love shines from our hearts and our Light illumines our minds so that we can be generous in our thoughts and our feelings.

The Light is emerging towards a new humanity. The dawn is breaking and as the old structures are crumbling, let us never lose hope because there is always a deeper purpose. The old Age of Pisces is receding and the new Age of Aquarius, the Age of Brotherhood is here. Throughout every crisis on earth, the Light has illumined us with each dawn rising. It will never cease to do so. The Sun will always rise after the darkness of night.

Remember always that we are beacons of Light, we are Lightbearers. So let us go out there and shine our Light to the world.

Astra Ferro, December 2020

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