Life’s Rich Blessings

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Blessings in Disguise

Article for New Vision, The Hamblin Trust magazine

Every now and again life has a way of throwing a few spanners at us – some small and some large.   We can call them testings, they are the trials and tribulations which the soul needs to experience as we develop along the spiritual path.   If one was being thoroughly pessimistic we could even say  that this is the universe’s way of getting at us.

Life’s adjustments

Upon wiser reflection we will know and understand that these spanners have a deeper purpose and whilst difficult to go through and experience, they are nevertheless a blessing as it is usually through these difficult tests that we learn something quite fundamental.   How often in life do we look back and realise that had it not been for ‘this’ or ‘that’ experience we would not be doing this, that or the other, which seems infinitely better.

So many of life’s richest blessings come from very simple and daily happening.  These happenings are so simple and habitual that we tend not to notice and overlook the wonder of life’s blessings.   We can take so much for granted.  The very fact that we can talk, see, hear, touch, even breathe unaided is a blessing.   The joy of a child’s laughter, the beauty of the natural world.  Being loved and being able to express love.   Having a roof over our heads, food in our stomachs, fresh water to drink.   Being able to live and walk our path without fear of brutality, vandalism, and the freedom to say what we think without repercussions.

….Simple blessings

The blessings of friendship – people that we can converse with and share our lives with.   The joy of having a family to love and support us.   How much do we truly value the blessings of real friendships and even of having a family.   The blessing of being part of a community.   A feeling of identifying with a group of people who accept us as we are and that we can relate to.

Then there are the blessings of the journey of self-discovery.  Walking the spiritual path has many pitfalls and both the joy and pain of this journey is in the finding of WHO we are.   The journey itself is strewn with many landmarks, signposts, even obstacles.   Sometimes they may appear as quicksand – so easy to sink through and allow our feelings and thoughts to overwhelm us.   Then there are the stepping stones, with one eye on the marker, the other on where we are treading.  Either can bring revelations – some good, some not so good.   They also bring opportunities for us to learn, to discern, to reject and to embrace.   Embracing our shadows are as difficult as unveiling inner truths.   Each revelation needs strength, courage and wisdom to embrace.

Having faith and trust in ourselves giving us enormous strength and courage to persevere, despise setback and difficulties.  To believe in the greater purpose of life even though at times we may feel disconnected from life.   To accept ourselves as we are and the journey we have chosen.   All these are blessings.

……the journey…

The path of the soul takes us on a journey of self-discovery, self-understanding and step by step it enables us to experience life through the different degrees of initiation.   Each initiation, gone through via lessons of unfoldment, some more difficult than others, is gradually bringing us closer to that ultimate revelation of the Light within.

The Light can be described or understood best perhaps by knowing that the final revelation to the Soul will be that of realising our true potential.   Realising that we are foremost and most significantly SPIRIT, the I AM, the pure essence of Divine Light and Love.   Becoming that Light, unveiling that Light is our goal, thus truly revealing our at-one-ment with the Creator, the Source of all, or whatever metaphor you feel most comfortable with.

Truly life as we know it brings us every test that we need to experience and pass through each initiation the evolutionary path leads us to.

With each experience we are aware of the blessings that we receive as we unfold and develop along life’s journey.