Healing – the natural way

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Article for New Vision, The Hamblin Trust magazine

Healing and well-being is a natural gift of life that is available to all of us.   Healing comes by grace of being.   Being who we are and flowing with our natural energy – the chi, reminds us that we are part of the Infinite, that Divine spark that is inherent in each one of us.   Our original creation was in that perfect seed that needed to experience itself.   We came to unfold that seed in all its beauty and see it grow.   The many lifetimes of experience are like stepping stones along the path of the soul which we chose to walk on to remember who we are.   Along these stepping stones we encountered life with its many lessons.    By experiencing these lessons we often received scars and we carry these scars forward like testaments to our growth and unfoldment.   These scars are not permanent.  We do not need to continue suffering because of any past experiences.   We have the right to heal these scars and recapture our divinity.   So how do we reach deep within past scars of many times to find that spark, that seed?

In this day and age, there is so much outside help for us to choose from which may aid us in our quest to be healed.   But in reality the simplest answer is to go within.   Everything that happens to us has a purpose and a reason and if we can reach that centre of stillness within, to find that peace and see the wider picture, we can then start the process of healing.   Healing begins when we start looking at ourselves, honestly and openly.   When we can acknowledge and accept our lives and the person we are, we have started, perhaps in a small measure, the process of going within and looking at ourselves.   Not from the personality angle but rather from the spiritual self.  That self which is non-judgmental, detached and above all forgiving.   Whatever we may or may not have been in the past, whatever we may or may not have done or learned, we need to remember that we are on a spiritual pathway – and that our humanity is the vehicle for which the spirit within can demonstrate itself.   There can be no separation between the two.

We are spirit first but we are also human.   The human lessons, however good or bad we may think they are, are very necessary for the development and unfoldment of our spiritual qualities.

The moment when we can comprehend and accept our humanity, with all its faults and idiosyncrasies, we have taken the first step towards healing ourselves.   Being well comes from within.     To be still and calm and meet each problem, with forgiveness and understanding, knowing that we have all the resources necessary to deal with it.  These resources are our spiritual qualities.  As we unfold and develop our qualities we are walking the spiritual pathway towards our well-being and natural health.

The heart is the centre of our being, the font of knowledge and wisdom.  As we become still and centred, the Light within becomes more vibrant.  Slowly, the Light grows stronger and enfolds our whole being with health and vitality.   We take each step, one at a time, towards our natural heritage.   Let the Light shine from our hearts, to bring health and well-being to our bodies, and at the same time the Light from our hearts will radiate forth to others bringing a state of grace and  peace beyond our human understanding.