Healing Through Our Inner-Connectedness

Astra Ferro // Articles | Guidance

One of the most fundamental truths of our being is our own inner connection.  However, because often life is so busy and we are caught up in a thousand and one things to do, perhaps we don’t allow ourselves the time to really know who we are and what we are made of.   Jesus said ‘The Father and I are one’.   What does this mean?   What is our connection with the divine?  In the recognition and awareness of our own spiritual reality, we can look at life from a more central and deeper aspect.   Perhaps the initial question is ‘who are we?’   Perhaps after this come another question ‘what are we made of?’

These questions can take us on an exciting and often perplexing journey of self-discovery.  Understanding the spiritual reality of our being is certainly not for the faint-hearted.   It is a series of processes, with myriads of pathways, some to distract us for a while, others to lead us to even more perplexing highways and byways.   However, when we set our feet on the path there are always signposts once we understand how to see them.  So how do we set about learning what we are made of?

On the path of the soul are many stepping stones.   Each stepping stone will bring us a new awareness, a new perspective and a different understanding.  The stepping stones are there to guide us forward, to show us a new perspective on life.  It will help us to see a wider vision.

Along the pathway we come to a realisation of the connection between our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies; thus making the equal-sided cross, the symbol of humanity.  Then we realise that there is also the connection between the chakras in our bodies.    From the lower chakras to the upper chakras each one needs to be unfolded, like the petals in the lotus flower, so that ultimately we reach the crown, when we attain enlightenment and the petals open in full blossom.

The chakras are ports of entry of the Cosmic rays and life-force into the etheric body.  The higher centres are used by developed souls to radiate light and healing to others.   If these centres are not functioning properly, the streams of vital force cannot pour into and nourish the body through that centre.   This will cause a lack in the bloodstream and corresponding disease and disharmony in the parts of the body linked with it.

Chakras are sometimes known as ‘the windows of the soul’.

The three lower chakras, from the root, the sacral and the solar plexus, represent physical matter.  Then there is the heart chakra which is the bridge, the balance between the lower and upper chakras.  Going upwards we have the throat chakra, the brow and culminating in the crown chakra. These are the three chakras representing spirit, or the Divine. The crown centre is the last to become fully developed and functioning, bringing illumination of consciousness, i.e. enlightenment.

These are the seven main chakras of our bodies.   Then we have the connection between the chakras to the seven major rays, the corresponding planets, and the elements.  Each chakra has its own aspects and meaning in our spiritual development and unfoldment.  Each human life has to unfold all these chakras to its highest degree in order to attain that full Cosmic Consciousness.  Throughout each lifetime we are given opportunities, through trials, tests, challenges to develop and unfold the petals of these chakras.  We may be simultaneously developing more than one chakra in any given lifetime.   This maxim applies not just to individuals but also to nations.   Each nation has its own chakra system as indeed has the world.

It is through this development and unfoldment of our spiritual reality that we learn how to heal ourselves.   It is through this inner connection and the understanding what the unfoldment of each chakra means that we learn to understand what we are made of.   In this understanding comes the realisation and recognition of our total inner connection and that with the Divine Cosmic life.

As above, so below…..