Experiencing the Spiritual

Astra Ferro // Articles | Guidance

Many people may think that to experience the spiritual we may need to be either in a meditative state, reading spiritual books or attending seminars or talks on esoteric matters.

We are all spiritual from the very moment that we are born. In fact, we have forgotten that the very essence of our being is the spirit, the divine that is within each one of us. To experience the spiritual, we just need to ‘be’. To ‘be’ in that divine presence which is our natural state. From the very moment of our creation, we are spirit, and the very essence of spirit is contained deep within us in the heart chakra. Our very purpose of existence is to bring spirituality down into matter. It is by the fusion of spirit, soul and personality that we will expand the knowledge that has long been hidden behind the veil of illusion. Spirituality isn’t something that we gain as an award. Spirituality is what we are and experiencing our spirituality is living in the world of materiality and bringing the spiritual gifts that we have inherent within through our everyday lives.

We are in the material world so that we may gain experiences and understanding about ourselves and about life around us. Spirit has no form and therefore it needs the vehicle of consciousness, which is our soul, working through the vehicle of the form, which is our personality, to expand our consciousness and reach that full realisation of our real selves. The Soul uses the outer form, the personality, to unfold and develop spiritual qualities. It takes many cycles and ages to unfold the spiritual essence that we are, and we do this through the solar journey. This solar journey is the path of the Soul through the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Each sign will afford the soul the opportunities to experience, learn and master the personality. We may need to incarnate in each sign time and time again to completely master the lessons.

The journey of the Soul has more than one purpose but fundamentally it is about each Soul unfolding and developing its inmate divine nature on the spiritual path. We have forgotten that we are Creators in embryo. So, the journey, the path that we choose to undertake, is to remind ourselves and at the same time to develop our innate divinity through a myriad of challenges and tests. Each sign is designed to bring out the best or the worst in us, so that we can learn, accept and move on. We are all aspirants on the path, albeit on different levels, each striving, often falling and failing, but nevertheless keeping on going despite the incredible challenges of life.

Throughout this journey, the Soul needs to deal with and master the four elements of our nature. The goal is to reach a balance between the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical. This is the Cross of Humanity.

We can take as many lifetimes as possible to reach our purpose, but we should be in no doubt that we will all get there.

There will come a time, a moment, whether in this lifetime or another, when the Soul will reach a stage when it needs to know more. It will no longer be satisfied with ambling along. It wants to get hold of its destiny, face it, and see where it is going, what it has achieved, and what other lessons are needed. And then the Soul, of its own volition will become the captain of its ship. It will guide its own destiny. It will face the turbulent seas ands storms and steer it through to calmer waters. This is our journey, our destiny – the Path of the Soul.

Remember, though, that only the purpose of our journey is predestined but the journey itself is what we choose.