Counselling on the Soul’s Journey through The Seven Major Chakras

Astra is a spiritual counsellor and teacher who is offering a healing service to those who are ready to understand and experience the Seven Major Chakras at a more profound level.

Astra’s insight, in the course of her own journey through the chakras, has given her the understanding, intuition and awareness how to release past blockages and bring that deeper comprehension to her own soul’s journey.

Working through the chakras is a journey that can bring us enlightenment to our own path; it can enable us to perceive where blockages have created a barrier to our soul’s growth and thus give us an opportunity to gently release and cleanse each chakra allowing us to move forward on our soul’s journey.

This work needs to be done gently and with deep care and understanding.  Astra’s insight and perception as a counsellor and teacher will deal very sensitively with each client, understanding the need for gentleness and deep awareness of each soul’s needs.

Astra has been facilitating talks and workshops based on spiritual unfoldment, soul healing and soul understanding for over thirty-five years in spiritual centres worldwide.

If you would like a private session with Astra, to explore soul understanding on the Seven Major Chakras, please contact her:

Tel:                                      01730 893975


Skype name:                        astraferro1

Sessions with Astra are available in person or via Skype.