Co-Creating with the Divine Will

During our spiritual journey, we reach a stage in our soul evolution when we realise that we are no longer willing to be at the mercy of fate.  A time comes when a veil is lifted and we know that we no longer wish to live under the shadow of indoctrination.  We have taken that step forward into a space, as yet unknown maybe, but nevertheless we cannot go back.   In other words, the soul takes that step forward to freedom.  Humanity now is progressing from materialistic slavery to spiritual freedom and liberating Gnosis.

The soul lessons learned from past lives have helped the soul to unfold spiritual qualities and each lifetime brings us more opportunities to continue learning.   However, there comes a point on the soul’s path when it realises that it no longer needs to be driven but instead it is ready to stand on its own.  During lifetimes, the soul rests and contemplates, looking back at past lives experiences and realising how valuable so many of those lessons were although they may have been quite painful at the time.

In a breath we assimilate and gather the harvest of our endeavours and as we breathe out we understand that there is only the way forward, not on our own as an individual but rather as part of a collective group consciousness, totally aware that we no longer work and breathe through our personality, but rather from our higher self.

Then we become conscious of the divine will within us and in that in-breath we fully accept and acknowledge who we are and understand our purpose.

Through gnosis, the knowledge of the heart, we can go forward in co-creating our future through our divine will.  The future is right now in our hands.   We can make it happen.