Changelessness in Change

Astra Ferro // Articles

The concept or intention of change is that it brings the possibility of altering our lives or at least certain aspects of it.  Whether this is by choice or imposed on us, it nevertheless takes us to a different space and a fresh opportunity to bring something new into our lives.  If we have made the decision to do or begin something new in our lives, then we do so perhaps in the hope that a change will open up new beginnings and ways of living.  We embark on this with optimism and joy.   However, as life is very challenging sometimes change is imposed on us whether we like it or not.  This can bring negative reactions if it’s something that we are opposed to and we really do need to be very motivated and enthusiastic to cultivate this concept of new beginnings.  But remember it is only the personality that reacts, whether emotionally or mentally, positively or negatively, to changes in our lives.  How we respond to alterations is of course our test and challenge.  The soul brings us this impulse from spirit in order to let go and release old habits, belief patterns, indoctrination etc.

But what does changelessness behind change mean?  The statement appears to be contradictory if we look at it only at face value.   However, it is worthwhile remembering that this life on Earth is a soul journey and the whole point of this journey is to develop and unfold spiritual qualities and recognise the I AM within.  To do this the soul needs strength, wisdom and a lot of patience.  It is on this level that the soul can meet all of life’s changes, tests and trials in a space of ‘no-being’.  In other words, it can accept and meet any changes in the outer world, ie the material or personality life, without the spirit within being affected.  This means that no matter what the personality faces by way of the tests and challenges of life, the spirit can and will remain untouched and detached.   This is simply because the spirit understands the purpose behind the outer changes and is able to accept and deal with it without the emotions and mind pulling it hither and thither.  It is therefore in a space of ‘changelessness’ untouched, detached by the outer circumstances and changes.

The above may sound like a tall order or possibly a bit far-fetched.  However, we are spirit first and it is by this recognition and acceptance of who we are that we can attain our true status.   The fundamental purpose of our existence on Earth is to ‘find’ or ‘remember’ who we are.   Once we have done this, then the soul is ready to move onto a space of being which is unaffected by the earth/personality demands and changes.   We can truly then move forward to receive the energies and vibration of a higher consciousness.

Then we are in that exciting space of truly just ‘being’.   However, this is not just about our being in a state of nirvana but rather in a state of new creation, as a spiritual and human being, a holistic recognition of our oneness.   From this space, we can go forward to create and experience new consciousness and a new perspective on life that we have not known before.  We cannot understand where we are going because this ‘new’ experience is exactly what it is ‘new’.   We have not been there before so the opportunity is with us to create our future from the knowledge of our present realisation and attainment.   All we know deep within is that we do need to go forward.

Excerpts from this article first published in the New Vision magazine (