Awareness of our Inner Self

Astra Ferro // Articles

I have often wondered why it is that we spend time preparing for any travelling, whether social or work related, and yet so few prepare or even understand the greatest journey of all.   As we probably know from experience any travel arrangements can come fraught with stress and anxiety, especially when we are planning a holiday with our families.    There is so much to take into account, so much time planning and preparing that goes into it.     There are some who can literally leave it until the last moment to pack and then look for their passport and travel documents.

The greatest journey that we can ever take is that which follows the path of the soul.   We are very blessed to live in these times when awareness and participation in spiritual activities, other than the orthodox, is not punishable by torture or death.  We are free to follow our own spiritual pursuits and arrive at our own conclusions.   That said, there is today an abundance of information available which can be extremely confusing, especially for those souls becoming interested in spiritual matters for the first time, other than the orthodox.   So what is the secret of finding the right path for ourselves?   How can we steer a clear and direct course through the melee of confusion?   I would say, we need to focus ourselves on the present moment and do what is in front of us ~ what we are being called to do right now.  We need to remember that we are not on an ordinary journey where we have to prepare by looking up lots of information, going hither and dither to buy this book or attending umpteen workshops and talks.  The soul’s journey does not need getting ourselves in a state about it, we do not have to rush anywhere to get information, and we do not need to ‘buy’ anything nor do we have to renew our passports!

The soul’s journey is one of inner exploration and excursion.  The whole purpose of our lives is to discover who we really are.    What is it that motivates us?   The purpose of our life is part of the Divine Plan.   We are co-creators with the Divine.   We have that inherent divinity within ourselves and our Earth journey is to help us to realise this.   This journey is the outer manifestation of a soul exploration.   Through countless lives, the soul proceeds to unfold and develop its spiritual qualities.   These qualities are within us but they lie buried within our consciousness and it is the experiences of each lifetime that help us to unfold them.   Slowly on this inner journey we realise the relationship between spirit, soul and body.   We learn that the body is a vehicle for the soul consciousness and manifests on the physical body any dis-ease or disharmony that is affecting the soul by countless lifetimes of experience, karma and opportunities to learn soul lessons.  But the soul is also the vehicle for the spirit.   The spirit is the pure essence, the energy, the breath, the force that gives us life.   It is the spirit which gives us the impulse to BE.   It is the spirit that drives us regardless of how many times we fall down facing huge obstacles and challenges.

On this journey we need no documents except what is true in our hearts.   It is by our light that we are known.   It is by our light that we are admitted into the realm of spirit.   We need no outer clothing, no sun tan lotion, nor guide books to be admitted into the world of light.   Our only passport is that of Love.    It is by the love and light in our hearts that we gain admittance into the Kingdom of Heaven, the realm of the spirit.    Only those who can see with the eyes of spirit can tell to what degree we have unfolded our spiritual qualities.  But slowly as we begin to believe in ourselves, as we begin our own inner exploration, we will in time understand and know, truly know, who we are.

This map of our soul’s path is all part of the Divine Plan.  We have the blueprint; we just need to experience it.

Excerpts from this article was first published in the New Vision magazine (