About Astra

Astra Ferro, Spiritual Counselling, Ancestral Guidance and HealingAstra is a spiritual counsellor, working at a very deep spiritual level to help people understand problems and conditions which are difficult to manage because their origins often lie in a past life.

In her work with the Ancestors over many years, Astra has realised how much the Ancestors play an integral part in our lives even though we may not be consciously aware of it.   We all follow behavioural patterns, habits, and characteristics which we have learned from our present family and, often unknowingly, from our ancestors.

Astra has been involved in this work for over 30 years.  She receives inner guidance and is able to see back through different life times until the source of the present issue has been understood.   She then works with the Ancestors in helping each soul face and accept the circumstances they find themselves in.   Through this process, the Ancestors bring knowledge, support and gentle guidance.   Difficult issues are then open to healing transformation because of this deeper understanding.

Our future rests in the past and because all life is a continuum it is important to honour our ancestors and ourselves.

Astra facilitates workshops designed to help us understand that we are far greater than the little self, the personality which we deal with every day.   It helps us understand the existence of a soul, a spirit and to question where we came from and that we are part of something far greater.

So our quest to contact the ancestors lies in the acceptance and acknowledgement that there is something far greater than ‘little me’.  Once we realise and understand the depth of our very being, acknowledging the presence of our ancestors is not so difficult.

How it all began…

Astra’s family originates from the Rock of Gibraltar although she herself was born in the UK.  From early childhood in Gibraltar Astra would often walk with her grandmother around gardens where they were both aware of the nature spirits.   Her grandmother was a natural mediumistic healer who worked with herbs and Astra was used to her grandmother healing childhood ailments through natural resources.   Her grandmother therefore understood and encouraged Astra’s early contact with the spirit world.  It was both a source of joy and novelty to see the nature spirits and to be able to talk to her grandmother about them.

However, with growing up and the passing of her grandmother, Astra blocked this natural contact with spirit and simply got on with life as youngsters do.   Her work in the commercial world gave her plenty of experience of business life and relationships, particularly in personnel management, working at board of directors’ level.   This continued until her mother’s passing when Astra realised that it was time to open up the channel and contact with spirit as her real work was about to begin.   Having gone through major heart surgery the time felt right for Astra to become involved with a spiritual organisation and healing work.   This she did for over thirty years.

Throughout this time Astra continued to unfold and develop her gift of clear vision and overtime learned to trust the messages and contact with her own guide.    As time went on she began to develop and work with a group of beings in spirit whom she recognised as her own group soul.   Over the years this trust has grown and it became apparent that her future work was with the Ancestral group soul to bring clarity, comfort and support to many souls in need.   To that end Astra developed her work as a spiritual therapist.

This work continues to grow with trust, deeper understanding and clarity.   Astra receives messages from the Ancestors on a regular basis and her work today, after retirement, is as a spiritual counsellor who is able to tap into the past lives of her clients to bring understanding to their own specific problems or issues.    It is always a source of wonderment to her to see a thread, links, from one life to another which constantly unfolds a reason for current life problems.


“Astra’s insight into previous lives helped me understand the background of the anxiety I had experienced for many years…”

“…I found your words very re-assuring and helpful…”

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