A Message of Hope

Astra Ferro // Guidance

2nd April 2020

Dear Friends,

Due to the unprecedented crisis that enfolds us all, I have obviously suspended my Workshops for the time being.    Please watch this space for further updates.   Thank you.

At the same time, I wanted to give a message of hope during these amazing times we live in. These are not the times to be afraid, although for some lives have changed dramatically, nevertheless it is in the understanding of what is happening around us that we can gain our courage.

Looking around us, we see people coming forward to help in the community, nationally and globally wherever it is needed.    This crisis can bring out the best or at times the worst in us.   But I am a great believer in the milk of human kindness and we can see this demonstrated globally. These are times when parents and children can spend more time together, getting to know each other better by talking and playing. These are times when we have the space and time for self-reflection, and we can clear clutter, both inner and outer.

Mother Earth is sending us a loud message and we really need to listen. Perhaps our lives will not be the same after we have been through this, but that’s OK, we were probably due for a change and we failed to recognise it.

Let’s take this time to ponder more on our lives, on how we live and how we play. We have the greatest gift that mother earth could give us and that is nature itself. Let us not abuse it, let us treat it with respect.

Let us take this opportunity to clear things from our lives that are not necessary and appreciate the things that we have which gives us joy and fulfilment.

We are at the end of the Piscean Age and into the Aquarian Age. At the end of every great Age there are cataclysmic occurrences that can happen in order to clear out the karma from the past Age. The fact that this is happening globally means that the soul of Mother Earth is going through an Initiation in order to raise itself to a higher level of consciousness.    This is a natural order of Universal Laws.

Let us not allow fear to engulf us. Fear is being put out and we need to school ourselves that we will not get caught up in the fear consciousness.

Instead of fear and anxiety, let us train ourselves to be still within. To know that everything is happening for a purpose and to truly know that we have all the spiritual qualities that we need to guide us through this present time.

Train yourself to each day to project Light.    The Light is the most powerful force in the Universe.  Work with this beautiful shining, radiant, brilliant Light.   Allow yourself a few minutes each day to be at peace and project out the Light to the World.   If you cannot visualise the Light, then think of the Sun. The Sun is the life-force. The Rays of the Sun give life to all forms.

May your Light shine bright and may your Starlight guide you forward in peace and in love.

Astra Ferro