The Journey of the Soul Through the Seven Major Chakras

New for 2019! Further Inspirational Spiritual Writings from Astra Ferro – available to purchase now

Stepping Stones on the Spiritual Path

Inspirational Spiritual Writings from Astra Ferro – available to purchase.

Guidance from the Ancestors: Co-Creating with the Divine Will

“…the future is right now in our hands. We can make it happen…”

Awareness of our Inner Self

“The greatest journey that we can ever take is that which follows the path of the soul…”

Guidance from the Ancestors: Our Spiritual DNA

“…We are not just speaking of our earthly ancestors, of our current family history.  We are speaking of our Ancestral Group Soul…” 

Spiritual Counselling - a testimonial

“Astra’s insight into previous lives helped me understand the background of the anxiety I had experienced for many years…”

Spiritual Counselling

Ancestors Guidance

Welcome to my website

Astra is a spiritual counsellor and teacher who offers spiritual counselling to souls who have a need to understand their problems, illness or circumstances. She works with the individuals’ ancestors to bring insight, clarity and information from past lives to help heal a current condition or situation.

Astra has been facilitating talks and workshops based on spiritual unfoldment, soul healing and soul understanding for over thirty five years in spiritual centres worldwide and also writes articles for spiritual magazines.

Astra is now offering Counselling on the Soul’s Journey through The Seven Major Chakras.

Contact Astra to book a private session either in person or via Skype.

Talks and workshops 2020

Astra is running a series of Workshops on understanding the Soul Lessons as demonstrated by the labours of Hercules as he journeys through the signs of the Zodiac:

21 March – Aries and Taurus
30 May –  Gemini and Cancer
18 July – Leo and Virgo
12 September – Libra and Scorpio
21 November – Sagittarius and Capricorn
16 January – Aquarius and Pisces

For more information, see the talks and workshops page.