Talks and Workshops In 2018

by Astra Ferro

Astra offers talks and workshops on topics such as spiritual unfoldment, soul healing and soul understanding. Join Astra on one of the upcoming talks or workshops in Liss, Hampshire or if you would like to book Astra to give a talk or facilitate a workshop at your venue or centre, please get in touch.

Workshop on Initiations

An afternoon of talks on the following themes

Saturday 9 June 2018                         –           FEAR

An acronym for ‘false evidence appearing as real’.   Humanity’s greatest enemy! Fear creates a dark reality.  Fear denies and distorts our vision and hope.   Let us learn how to bring our Light to shine into the darkness of our very soul and release those fears.

Saturday 14 July 2018                        –           DEATH

The great inevitable, unknown and our greatest journey – Let us change our perception of it, face those fears, and therefore change the stepping stones leading to it, thereby changing our lives.

Saturday 18 August 2018                  –           FACING & UNDERSTANDING – CANCER

Cancer is one of humanity’s profoundest opportunity to face, cleanse and release past karma. It is also an opportunity to learn very deep soul lessons.

Saturday 15 September 2018            –           TRANSMUTING KARMA – PAST LIVES

In our matrix is the memory of all our past lives, some more significant than others.  Let us with courage walk back through the doorway of past lives and learn how to face, understand and transmute karma or unfinished business.   We will ask for help to face the lifetimes in which we have suffered the most, the one in which we had the greatest power and knowledge but abused it, and the one in which we had the greatest power and knowledge and used it to serve others.

Venue:                Shakel, Liss

Time:                   From 3 -5 pm

Cost:                     £10

Space is limited so booking is essential.

Please contact Astra on 01730 893975 or email to secure a booking.  Full address will be given on booking.

Watch this space for news of further talks and workshops  from Astra. If you would like any information on the above workshops, please  contact Astra.