Stepping Stones on the Spiritual Path

Stepping Stones on the Spiritual Path - Astra FerroInspirational Spiritual Writings
from Astra Ferro

There will come a time, a moment, whether in this lifetime or in another, when the soul will reach a stage when it needs to know more. It will no longer be satisfied with ambling along. It wants to get hold of its destiny, face it, and see where it is going, what it has achieved, and what other lessons are needed. And then the soul, of its own volition, will become the captain of its ship, it will guide its own destiny, it will face the turbulent seas and storms and steer it through to calmer waters.

This book offers a basic knowledge of spirituality. It answers questions that have been presented to the author over many years of facilitating workshops, giving talks, and seminars both in the UK and internationally. It also gives us guidance in how to find the inner self.

Here is a quote from the book:

“As we continue the path and we start stripping off the layers that bind us, we will notice a different us emerging. That new person may be a little unfamiliar, a little uncertain, but at least it’s a more honest person. Gradually we get to know this person better, and as our confidence builds up, we will find an inner surge of strength and fortitude to carry on even more strongly in our search. This inner person is the real us—the beautiful light that has been hidden behind the scars, the jewel that has been polished by all the experiences of our struggles and battles, the rose that has been waiting to blossom by all the fruits of our endeavours, the one true being who is one with the universe.”


To those who are awakening to the spiritual journey, the many writings on the subject can seem overwhelming and difficult to understand.

Often writers will convey their information and spiritual insights using terminology that seems foreign and difficult to fathom. Yet in this book the author, Astra Ferro, has tailored her profound understanding of the spiritual dimension of life in a way that shows remarkable sensitivity to those new to the Spiritual Path. 

Largely written in a question and answer format, Stepping Stones on the Spiritual Path provides a marvellous introduction to the soul and its evolution over time.

Using her many years of study, coupled with personal experience, the author provides simple to understand principles related to recognizing the seven types of souls, reincarnation, spiritual freedom and much more. Also included are a variety of skills to be cultivated along the way.

Without reservation, I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone seeking to live a more soulful and meaningful life. It is joyously written and provides the reader with a clear and valuable understanding of the stepping stones on the road to enlightenment. 

– William Meader, Author of SHINE FORTH, The Soul’s Magical Destiny Oregon, USA



A guide that lays out universal principals and ideas about spirituality.

Debut author Ferro begins by offering a road map for a personal spiritual journey, beginning with the idea that people have purposes that are deeper and more complex than they may understand. The author urges the reader to distinguish between their outer and inner selves; the latter, she says, encompasses one’s connection with a greater force, or Absolute Being. One’s body, she emphasizes, is only a vehicle for the soul. Along the way, she discusses the Seven Major Rays of Creation; each of us, according to the author, is born “under” a particular ray (such as “Will and Power” or “Active Intelligence and Adaptability”), which doesn’t full develop its energy until one is born again, under a different ray. Thus, one’s spiritual life is a constant process of growth and search to refine one’s connection with the Absolute Being, and all that’s connected to it. In a concise, conversational manner, she defines what each ray means. The second ray, for instance, “Love and Wisdom,” emphasizes a life focused on nurturing, caring, and passivity; the fifth ray (“Concrete Knowledge and Science”), by contrast, is the ray of the scientist, who “brings the light of understanding to the soul.” Ferro also provides a vivid description of the chakras of Indian religions, which she explains as being “centres of light in our bodies.” Overall, this book is thorough and descriptive, but it won’t overwhelm novice readers. One engaging chapter on “Group Soul Recognition,” for instance, discusses the universal, relatable experience of connecting immediately with some people while instantly disliking others; the author goes on to explore the possibility that those we connect with have crossed our paths in previous lives.

A successful beginner’s guide to spiritual growth and enlightenment.

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